Deep Sea Technology.


Marport designs and manufactures catch control and net monitoring sensors, echo sounders, current profilers and sonar for the world’s fishing fleet. We also provide development services to the world’s top companies who count on our expertise. Our technology solutions improve operational efficiency, reduce waste and increase catch quality.



Marport Trawl Explorer is your eye on the fishing gear, a sounder with a heavyweight suite of capabilities placed on your trawl’s headline sending a wealth of information to
the wheelhouse. This starts with an echogram of the trawl opening and fish passing into the gear, as well as depth, temperature, and distance to the seabed or footrope, plus a visual
representation of the footrope to seabed clearance if the gear is towed off the bottom.


This new addition to the Marport range combines a huge amount of functionality in a single headline-mounted package. The new Speed Explorer unit combines the functions
of a trawl eye headline sounder with a trawl speed sensor to give a comprehensive data output directly to the skipper.


This downward-looking sensor is fitted on the top sheet of a codend or tunnel to all the skipper to monitor the contents of the codend in real time as the gear is fishing, providing a series of updates on the fish as they pass into the codend from the trawl mouth and through the belly.


Marport M3 is designed as a highly sophisticated multi-function acoustic receiver. Although it is the most compact receiver from Marport, it uses leading-edge digital signal processing that we have combined with the smartest software available. The aim is to make possible multi-channel operation without any compromise between transmission range and signal detection.

The M3 works with an Apple Mac Mini computer, that processes the data from the sensors and displays them on your screen.


Marport’s catch sensors tell you when your trawl starts to fill. Placed on the top of the trawl codend, they monitor the amount of catch that you have and warn you when the trawl is full. You can even use them to determine the precise amount of fish inside the trawl net. This way, you can monitor the contents of the codend as you are fishing,
avoid problems of overfilling and increase fish survival rate inside the trawl net.


Marport’s MFX Door Sensors use a master and slave configuration,
communicating via a transverse wireless link on 110 or 144kHz. The master sensor interrogates the slave on the opposite trawl door, relaying data from both sensors to the catching vessel via a wireless uplink
broadband transducer.


Marport’s PSY positioning system offers two routes to pinpointing the position of a trawler’s gear, providing the option of placing the doors
instead of the catching vessel on a plotter screen, which provides the skipper new opportunities to focus
on the gear itself.