Light Matters.


LED and HMI lights for marine application and hazardous environments.

The Luminell Group is passionate about delivering critical light solutions for demanding use. We aim to create the industry standard in lighting, and to establish supportive and lasting relationships with users, partners, our staff and the community.

Luminell was established in 2010 in the city of Ålesund by founder David Fink, driven by a passion to help users and a desire to revolutionize LED lighting within demanding working environments. Having worked with LED-based streetlights since 2006 through his studies, David was convinced that this technology could also be introduced into and raise the standard of lighting within the maritime industry.


SL1 LED Searchlight

A new member in the SL family – the SL1, strong enough for any professional use, good-looking enough to fit any yacht. Developed for and targeting Civil/Naval High Speed and Light Craft as well as Yachts the new SL1 brings a new standard to the market. Built to last with the same quality standards as the bigger sisters but in a more compact format.

SL2 LED Searchlight

When small size, energy efficiency, and powerful light is needed!

The searchlights from Luminell, targeting the professional customers that actively use their searchlights for their normal operations, introduce The Game Changer – the SL2.
The new SL2 platform will share the same values as the bigger searchlights.

SL2IR LED Searchlight

Powerful and compact LED searchlight with an integrated thermal camera. Built for Search & Rescue, Navigation support, Security surveillance, and as a bright and powerful searchlight. It will improve the light at sea and ensure safe operations under all conditions.

BLX D LED Bowlight

Designed to improve the ability to see during navigation and maneuvering at night. By combining the proven technology of the BLX™ Series with practical testing of the optical features,
the end result is a powerful bowlight that will increase safety and endure in very harsh environments.

RLX B Floodlight

This is our newest product in the LED floodlight family. It is a very compact and high output light for smaller and medium size boats. The small size makes it  easy to install and fit anywhere and will insure great light on deck for many years.

The RLX™ B LED Floodlight is also designed for use in various other segments, such as landbased industry. It is the perfect light for cranes and construction equipment, where light matters!

RLX C Floodlight

Our smaller series floodlight can replace 500W Halogen or smaller HPS/HMI lamps only by using 80W of power. RLX™ C has like RLX™ D & RLX D Gen3 also the different beam options from 10-120 degrees, making RLX™ C able to give a good light impact also on long distances when choosing the most narrow beam options.
It is a compact and powerful light for small and mid-size vessels.

RLX D Floodlight

This takes over the place of the traditional High-Pressure Sodium and Halogen floodlights and are suitable for multiple areas of use. The RLX™ D is a powerful floodlight with proven endurance for harsh environments. The light distribution is excellent and will ensure a bright and safe working environment.
Available with various beams, from Spot 10 degrees to 110/45-degree Wide beam.

RLX D Gen 3 Floodlight

Introducing the RLX D Gen3 model which will effectively replace the RLX E; one of the most popular Luminell floodlight models across oceans worldwide. The RLX D Gen3 is the next generation in RLX floodlight technology, doing everything an RLX E could do and beyond. As with all Luminell products, the new RLX D Gen3 is flicker-free and made for the most corrosive offshore environments. The RLX D Gen3 remains ice free in the extreme cold and utilizing its clever design, automatically cools the electronics of the floodlight in even the most intense warm conditions. The RLX D Gen3 is built to simply last the lifetime of your vessel.